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Em: Dress | Amanda: Dress | Andrea: Dress, Earrings

Ahhh, springtime in New York!  My favorite.  Hibernation, officially over. I don’t know about you guys, but after a season of abrasive weather and being all cooped up, all I want to do is go out, catch up with my girls, drink an array of beverages, and stuff my face. Preferably in reverse order.

SO, I organized a little girl’s day at the Williamsburg Hotel, my new jam.  The lobby and bar area are stunning anddd they have high tea, which is a rare thing to see in Brooklyn.  Feeling super european, we walk in ready for a very proper start to our day – you know, just three adults looking to catch up over some tea and crumpets….

Welp, that was laughable. All I can say is, 2 pots of pear tea, and multiple petite brownies later, the rounds of mimosas started flowing.  Honestly though, there is no shortage of entertainment with these two (Amanda from East Coast Fox and Andrea from A Slice o’ Pi).  A borderline traumatizing dating story from Amanda was enough to have us in legit tears laughing our assess off.

Something that we all have in common (outside of copious amounts of treats and mimosas)? We loooooove florals, ruffles, and anything feminine and girlie for spring.   Despite our silliness, our looks made for the perfect touch to our mimosa and shenanigan filled afternoon.

Shop our favorites from Shopbop’s spring trend,  “New Romantics” below.

Photos: Lisa Richov

Thank you to Shopbop for partnering on this post!

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