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I feel like there is NOTHING better than styling for holiday.  It’s the only time of year where it’s more than appropriate to 1. wear sequins and sparkly anything; 2. get a little extra with your makeup situation (pass me all of the highlighter and red lipstick plz); and 3. enjoy copious amounts of holiday cocktails and mince pies (oh, bc it is a THING here)

It’s my 2nd festive season in London town, and god I can’t get enough.  If you haven’t taken notice from my latest IG posts, London does this season like no other.  With that said, it’s only motivated me to UP my holiday styling game.

I’ve been shooting loads (so British) of festive looks, so thought I’d share along with some other top holiday party options, and of course LIPSTICKS (hello, do you know me?!)

Oh!  Additionally, Alise Jane and I shot a fun little lipstick holiday trend video, so including that to show you my go-to holiday lipstick looks that I reach for this time of year.  I hope you enjoy and find some festive inspo!!!

Happy holidays beauties!









Blurred Matte At heart, I am a matte lipstick kind of girl.  But I need a formula that is non-drying.  Well guys, I’ve found it.  In addition, it’s light-weight and meant to be smudged / blurred to get you that effortless #frenchgirl kiss look that we all aspire for.  MAC powder kiss nails it with this formula – my favorite shades are ‘devoted to chili’ and ‘style shocked.’

Dark lips – Probably one of the more challenging lip trends to go for, but if there’s ever an appropriate time of year to have a play with this trend, it’s holiday.  I’m loving Nars audacious in ‘Siouxsie’ – feel like an instant vampy vixen in this one and I am not mad about it.

Metallic – What a freakin’ fun trend.  You can kind of go either way with this lip trend too – over the top or keep it more subtle, which is my personal preference. I’ve had a play with Guerlain’s holiday lip gloss, and it is a FUN one.  This is a gorgeous shade of red and NON-sticky lip gloss for those of you looking for a little flair of festiveness.

CLASSIC Red I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  You can NEVER go wrong with a classic red.  I don this trend on almost a weekly basis whether I’m shooting or just running off to an event.  It transforms any look.  And there’s a shade for EVERYONE.  Have a play, find your best shade, and go on with yo’ bad self!!! My go-to red’s are typically within the Estee Lauder fam of lipsticks.


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