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This time of year can be SUCH a letdown.  Whether you’re suffering from post-holiday blues, feeling in a work funk, or in general itching for a change of pace, my tips for getting out of a Jan rut are below!

1. Focus on your new years resolutions. (I know not everyone makes these, but for those of you who did, I got your back)
2. Maintain / kick up your workout routine.  An old friend of mine used to tell me that summer bodies are made in the winter.  So he’s kinddd of a fitness psycho but these types are usually right.
3. Plan that trip you’ve been dying to take.  Just do it already! Travel expenses are like null and void in my book.  Sidenote: I never said to take my financial advice.
4. Make time for YOU.  The holiday chaos has ended, so this is the perfect time to take a moment to go to yoga, get a manicure, or put away your phone for a night (gasp).  Get yoself some r&r and take care of you for god’s sake.
5. Buy that closet staple you’ve been eyeing.  You deserve it! Just make sure it’s a timeless piece before you make the investment (two of my picks are below).

Quick outfit thoughts. This winter, a suede a-line skirt is a must.  They are flattering on the waistline, perfect for work/ post-work activities, and effortlessly stylish.  Throw on with tights, a turtleneck or even a t-shirt and oversized cardigan and you’re good to go.  Second on my list of must-have staples is a menswear piece.  These loafers are by Yosi Samra – I love the alligator detailing and slight heel on these.  Menswear is kinddd of everything.  Just make sure you throw in a feminine touch to balance out the look. You can shop all similar outfit items in the links below <3

New York and Boston Based Fashion Photographer: Ryuji Suzuki

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    Alexandra Bastock
    January 14, 2016 at 12:05 am

    Looooove this look, so gorgeous!

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