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Happy 2016!!!  I can’t believe how fast the holidays flew by. I spared you all the instagram pic stitch outlining my most liked photos, favorite outfits and noteworthy moments on instagram.  Although I think it’s valuable to take a moment and reflect on the past year, I think there’s something really powerful about setting an intention for the year ahead.  You basically get the chance to hit the re-set button and put last years hurdles, pains, and difficulties behind you. That said, I’m so grateful for ya’ll and your support thus far, but also for sticking by me while I figure out what’s next.  Alrighttt, I’m good with all that sappy shit, but love you, mean it <3    

Let’s talk outfit for a sec.  Total winter uniform. Similar to my outlook on the new year, this outfit reflects a mix of oldies from my closet (UO beanie and staple wool coat) but also, some new duds. I highly recommend these Cole Haan booties – they’re waterproof so you can get through this shitty weather (CRINGE) without any water stains.  They are also super cute and honestly the best black pair I’ve ever owned with just a very slight heel on them. All items can be shopped via the links below!  Stay warm people.

New York and Boston Based Fashion Photographer: Ryuji Suzuki

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