I’ve lived in Manhattan for almost four years now.  I am a Brooklyn lover.  I mean, literally, any chance that I can get I will take an adventure over the bridge.  I’m only at the beginning stages of my love affair with BK, and I have no intentions of cutting ties anytime soon.  There are countless restaurant, bars and spots to explore (did I mention my love for just straight-up exploring? I love to frolic all over Brooklyn and Manhattan with zero agenda whatsoever).

On one of my last escapades over the bridge, I decided to check out Paulie Gee’s for pizza followed by cocktails at Ramona’s.  I have to give my co-worker Kayla credit as she is a Green Point resident.  She said we HAD to try Paulie Gee’s pizza but that we had to beat the rush and get there early.  We arrived a little after 6 pm (early bird special, I know).  This turned out to be a great move as this place truly fills up, and fast.  The pizza was pretty amazing, but I recommend keeping it simple.  There’s nothing like their margherita.  To note, there is no signage whatsoever outside.  I mean, for real, this place is hidden behind two huge wooden doors which really adds to it’s true old school / barn-like feel.  

After Paulie Gee’s we of course were in need of a night cap.  We headed over to this adorable spot called Ramona’s.  With tons of lit candles, and simple decor I was loving the atmosphere.  Perfect for a first date or grabbing drinks with girlfriends.  My blackberry bourbon cocktail was perfection.  I highly recommend getting your butt over the bridge.  Explore, grab some pizza, and a cocktail or two.  I give you, the perfect early evening excursion.  Cheers!

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