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GOOP does London Town!

OK, let me just start out by saying that I am and have been a HUGE Goop fan from the beginning.  Between Gwyneth, their witty email newsletters, and the website’s curated selection of thought-provoking content and products, they kind of can do no wrong.  SO, you can just imagine my excitement when I heard they were headed to London Town for their 10th Anniversary!!!  Yes, you heard right – they are holding a pop-up store in the heart of Notting Hill (where it all began when Gwyneth thought up Goop while living in London).   Essentially, the store closely resembles what Goop would look like IRL.

Giddy me went for opening NIGHT this past month and I was so excited to explore all that the pop-up had to offer.  From luxe clothing à la their own in-house line, range of clean (and Gwyneth approved) beauty brands, and home/decor products that a girl can only dream of, I could have spent hours in this lush space.  (OH. and the turmeric spiked tequila cocktails helped too.  It’s like, they knew I was coming, ya know?)

I left beaming from ear to ear, and as an American girl feeling nostalgic about her homeland (LOL) I left feeling more at home than ever before.  I ALSO left with a goodie bag in the form of the Goop starter pack – a bit of a ‘goopy’ rite of passage, if you will.  Anyway, this curated selection is a complete dream – I feel like these products are the ideal introduction into Goop approved beauty GOLD (not to mention, make for a hell of a morning routine).

I’ve included links to everything below so you can shop the essentials (sidenote: do NOT skimp on Goop glow – lately I’ve added to my morning glass of H2O to help get rid of a lingering cold. It also tastes amazing!)

*The pop-up can be found in Notting Hill at 188 Westbourne Grove and will be open through January (hello holiday shopping!)





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