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sweater, cozy, winterdsc_1081urban outfitters, sweaterdsc_1092dsc_1136dsc_1139Sweater: Urban Outfitters | Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters | Beanie: Urban Outfitters

This time of year is like the total calm before the storm.  Gearing up for the holidays is no easy feat.  We’ve all just gotten back from thanksgiving food comas, (likely) too much drinking, and are playing catch up at work.  Then all of a sudden, hi, holidays are here!  Time for a full calendar of parties, juggling your holiday shopping, and figuring out travel plans with friends and family (which, as we know, can come with it’s own slew of stress).

Don’t get me wrong – it’s an absolute wonderful time of year.  But sometimes, it can get to us.

With all that said, it’s important to take quiet moments these next few weeks.  Savor your mornings – put aside time to clear your head and keep organized for the weeks ahead.  Find a rooftop or a park and just sit.  Go take a walk mid work day.  May you find peace before the holiday chaos begins <3

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Photos By : Oscar Fuertes

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