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I know you ladies feel me when I say that we are BUSY.  It feels like we’re constantly trying to juggle it all – from work life to personal, the to-do list feels literally endless.  With that said, the one thing that I won’t skimp on, is self-care, and that’s specifically my skincare routine.  When I can find products that both multi-task, AND make my skin look and feel amazing, I feel like I’ve hit the freaking jackpot #amiright?!

I’ve been a long-time user of Elemis, and this past year it was the discovery of their PEPTIDE4 line that changed the GAME for me.  From my initial usage of the overnight oil, to their new day cream and pillow facial, I became an instant fan. BONUS: both new products that I tested out are suitable for all skin types.

For one, the PEPTIDE4 DAY CREAM ticks all the boxes – I’m talking about priming, hydrating, and balancing my skin throughout the day.  Kind of like a 3-1 right there.  It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst minimizing pores. Not to mention, the dreamy mousse-like texture and scent.  My makeup sits on top of the day cream so nicely, so you have an instant smoothness and great canvas, especially if you have a long day ahead.  Best way to use this is after your serums, and before applying your makeup.  I like to swipe in upward motions, giving myself a bit of a morning facial massage at the same time. Remember, #selfcare.

And THEN, the PEPTIDE4 PLUMPING PILLOW FACIAL  – For nighttime this thing works on like override.  Whether you’re feeling dehydrated, or that your skin is feeling dull, the overnight facial gives you an instant dose of the good stuff: Star Arvensis™ and wild-harvested Indian Night Jasmine to rehydrate your skin, and Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange for soothing.  The gel mask texture instantly locks in moisture and plumps your skin. Apply each night after your serums and eye creams, and let the facial do it’s work overnight. You’ll wake up with a dewy glow, which is always the goal right?! Rinse off in the morning and you’re good to go.

Shop and peruse as you like below but take my recco and order a pillow facial (or two) for your mom, your sister, or your BFF. Feel me?

Thank you to Elemis for partnering on this post!  All opinions, are as always, my own.

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