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As we get older, the concept of home changes. More likely than not, you get back to the place you grew up in less and less. Let’s face it – by now your parents probably already cleared out your old room, making it into a guest room, an office, maybe a game room – IDK.

It’s like, when the heck did we become adults?!

During our twenties, it becomes increasingly important to craft a new idea of what home means.  Building comfort and security around you with the ones who are by your side in whatever city / town / country you’re living right now.

And don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait to get back to Rhody at the end of the month to be with family.  But I take pride in the fact that I’ve created my own little safe haven.  In New York I have found a familiar city that I’m always itching to get back to.  This holiday season, I’m grateful to find comfort in both homes, past and present.

Thank you to Lucky Brand for collaborating on this post!

Photos by Laurel Creative

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