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How are ya’ll doing???  If I’m being honest, it’s been a pretty crazy last couple months.  Between moving, balancing my full-time job and the blog, and fashion week, I’ve felt like a complete insane person.  I mean literally running around, head in a million places, just trying to get through the weeks.  I HAAAAATE this and knew it was time to hit re-set in order to get back to my “normal” (whatever that really is….stay tuned)

Reason for sharing?  I’m hoping some of the tips below can be helpful to you guys!  And also, that this post is a reminder that you are not ALONE when you’re feeling completely out of sorts / not quite yourself. 

So anyway, last week I made a plan.  I told myself I’d adhere to the below for the entire week to get back on track.

1.  Aim to work out every day. – Even if it’s for 30 minutes, get those endorphins going and take care of the bod.  We ain’t getting any older and it’s never too late to start good healthy habits.  NO EXCUSES.

2. SAY NO TO PLANS. – Make time to do NOTHING – whether that’s fitting in a work out, going for a walk, cleaning / rearranging the apartment, I told myself I wouldn’t commit to any plans after work.  (Ok, so I almost accomplished this – I was invited to an event hosted by PopSugar – the founder, Lisa Sugar, was speaking about her new book #poweryourhappy.  I felt like this was a decent exception to my rule given the theme of the week!)

3. Dinners at home – no meals out!  Making your own food allows for control over the calories you intake and knowing what’s really in your meals- stick with fresh and healthy ingredients, and you’re golden.

4. No Alcohol!! – Between work and blog events, and plans with friends on the weekends, the booze intake was getting out of hand.  Alcohol can really take a toll on both your body and your mental state!  I needed to cut back – stat.  Quite honestly, not drinking at all during the week made my tequila on friday night THAT much more rewarding.

5. Start the morning right – there’s really something to be said for getting your morning off on the right foot -this means NOT reaching for your phone as the first thing you do.  Instead, take a shower, make a little protein breakfast for energy (eggs and avocado is my go-to), throw on the Today Show, and take some deep breaths.  I swear to you, it’s the little things, and it works.  TRY IT!! 

The net-net?  Listen to your body.  Know when you need a timeout, and to say no to plans.  Don’t feel bad when you need some time to yourself.  We live crazy lives, so do you babe.

What works for you guys when you’re feeling all out of WACK? I could seriously use some more pointers.  Share on FB if you liked this post, and comment on my instagram with tips!

<3 XX


Photos: Daniel Riley


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  • Reply
    Lauren Mazzei
    September 27, 2016 at 4:17 am

    Yes! This is seriously so hard though ahhh. I always tend to make too many plans and half of those plans involve alcohol hahaha. Need to take your tips though! You rock babe!

    Xx Lauren

    • Reply
      Emily Roberts
      December 12, 2016 at 8:50 pm

      You’re a sweetie. Thanks lady!! <3 <3

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