Ok, I need to document my meal last night at Javelina Tex Mex in Flatiron.  You GUYS, I think I’m officially in love with tex mex.  Or maybe, it was the queso.  Or maybe, it was the cilantro avocado margarita that just did me right.  

It was recommended that I go try this place out by a close foodie friend.  On top of that, I went on Eater and saw that Javelina was number 1 on the list for hot new March restaurants.  I then immediately booked a reservation for a monday night as my girlfriend Cait was coming in from Boston (gotta impress the out of towners, right?).

First off, this place was JAMMED.  I mean, I could hardly get in the door.  We waited a solid 20 minutes for our reservation.  Our waitress recommended the queso.  This stuff was life-changing and simply, a must-order.  We then went with the puffy taco (holy amazingness) and ended with tamales.  I’ve never had tamales in my life.  These were also delicious.  For me, the highlight was the frozen margs.  To be honest, frozen margs are never exactly my go-to.  I’m actually kind of a “on the rocks” kind of gal.  But these….now these were worth changing for.  I felt like I was sipping an avocado milkshake. YUM.  Now, I must go plan my next tex mex adventure.  

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